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Dental implants

October 25, 2023
Family dental

Some of us are missing teeth due to injury or illness, which can lead to difficulty speaking
and chew properly. This situation can often be experienced as frustrating and embarrassing.
To replace a missing tooth, a dental implants operated on. The implant acts as a
titanium artificial root to which a porcelain crown was then attached. To operate an implant is one
process that requires accuracy and expertise to obtain an optimal result regarding function and
As a first step in the treatment, the patient undergoes a thorough examination and diagnostics.
This includes x-rays and also so-called CBCT, i.e. 3D image to assess the jawbone
structure and detect any obstacles to an implant being installed.
Before the operation begins, the patient receives local anesthesia to avoid feeling any pain.
In order to minimize the risk of infection, everything takes place in a sterile environment and the patient lies under one
sterile chamber where only the mouth is visible.
In the area where the implant is to be placed, the dentist opens up the gums with a scalpel to
expose the jawbone. A titanium screw implant is drilled into the jawbone with a special drill and the gums
then stitched together to allow the implant to heal. During the first weeks of healing, the patient must rinse
with chlorhexidine and use an extra soft toothbrush to keep the surgical area as clean as possible
During the healing period, one may experience swelling in the cheek and lip around the surgical area, which
after a few days can turn into a bit blue and yellowish
When the gum tissue and the screw have been allowed to heal for about 3 months, it is time for the final and
permanent adjustment. A custom-made porcelain implant crown is cemented or screwed into place
on the implant and restores the patient's chewing and speaking function as well as aesthetics.
When you have undergone implant treatment, it is very important to go to the dentist for
regular follow-up visits to monitor the condition of the implant. Keeping it clean is just as important
with dental floss and toothbrush around an implant tooth like a real tooth.