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Tooth filling

October 25, 2023
Family dental

To perform a tooth filling is a common and important procedure in dentistry that aims to
restore a tooth that has been damaged by caries or other factors. A dental filling helps to preserve
tooth structure and prevent further deterioration.
After a clinical and X-ray examination, the dentist can make an assessment of how big
filling on the tooth that needs to be done.
If you want, you can numb the gums around the tooth so that you don't feel any pain underneath
the treatment and can thus more easily relax.
The dentist then starts drilling into the tooth to remove any caries and thus ensures that
the tooth is ready for the next step in treatment.
The tooth is cleaned and then filled with a type of plastic material called composite. You can also
use gold or porcelain, but it is not so common.
The new filling is then cured with a special light so that it becomes hard. Then it is polished to so
that it feels shiny and smooth and fits into the bite. It is very important that you can bite together like
usually after the treatment, otherwise you may have a toothache and need to come back for an adjustment
the height of the filling.
It is common for a newly prepared tooth to freeze. With time it usually passes, but if the feeling persists
itself after 2 weeks, you should contact your dentist for help.