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Teeth whitening

October 25, 2023
Family dental

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure where your teeth are whitened in a safe and controlled manner
set to its original color.
Before the treatment is started, it is important to carry out an examination and assessment of one
dentist, this to find out if your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening. It is also good to
be aware that many repairs and restorations, such as crowns and fillings, are not possible
If there is a lot of tartar and superficial discoloration on the teeth, it is also good to go to
the dental hygienist to remove these plaques before starting a whitening. This prepares
the surface of the teeth and makes the teeth whitening process more effective.
Dental clinics today can offer two main types of whitening methods to achieve whiter teeth:
laser whitening with, for example, Zoom, or home whitening with, for example, Opalescence and
Whiteness Perfect.
Bleaching with laser/led is done at the clinic with hydrogen peroxide and home bleaching is done with
carbamide peroxide. Both methods use peroxide to whiten your teeth. The higher one
the concentration of peroxide in some treatments means faster results, but there are also
greater risk of side effects such as burns, strong itching and damage to the gums. Therefore is
it is important to choose the bleaching method and bleaching agent that best suits you personally.
We on Family Dental Care only uses home bleaching as we think it gives the best and
longest lasting results.
Impressions are then taken of your teeth where the dentist then prepares plastic splints for you to use
In your plastic rails, you apply a bleaching gel that comes in different concentrations. You then have the rails in
mouth and the whitening agent should be used until you are satisfied with the results. After 7 days of treatment
most people will see their teeth become whiter and brighter.
Some dentists prescribe that splints only need to be in place overnight while others
recommend using them 1-2 hours per day for best results.
Avoid eating, drinking, smoking and sniffing while wearing the bleaching trays. Also avoid eating and drinking
colorful foods during the bleaching process and a few days after the end of the treatment.
The results of teeth whitening vary greatly from person to person, and also depend on which ones
conditions your teeth have. The pigment in the tooth is decisive for how white teeth you can get.
Factors that can affect the bleaching result are illness, intake of drugs and medications as well
what lifestyle habits you have.
Smoking, alcohol and colorful foods can also affect the shade of your teeth. Some people get great
results and reacts optimally to bleaching while others only see a small difference after finishing
During the time you are whitening your teeth and for some time after the whitening process is completed, it is common for you to be able to
experience tingling in the teeth when consuming hot/cold food and drink. This is not dangerous and will go away
usually within a few days after you stop bleaching your teeth.